Welcome to Real Girl Real Budget! I’m Rachel; a normal, middle-working class American gal. I went to the University of Houston to study to become a teacher.  1 year into substitute teaching (during college), I knew that profession was not for me. I began working as a nanny to help pay for school, while I tried to figure out what on earth it was I wanted to do with my life. Little did I know, nannying would segue me into my current career of Household Management! I love my job. It’s a lot like either being a Personal Assistant (with no office hours) or getting paid to be someone’s Stay-At-Home Wife. I feed the children and take them to school, do the laundry, grocery shopping, random errands, home organization, schedule and over-see home maintenance, cook dinner (at least once a week), and any other random home chores that might pop up. I love all things domestic, with cooking, organizing, and home decorating topping the list.

I hope my blog can point others in the direction they need to see that they too can live a life they love, without breaking the bank, or a seven figure a year income!