Sorry for Disappearing!

Oh my goodness!!!! The last couple of months have been sooooo busy for me. I can’t believe I’ve let the time slip away from me like I did! Over Christmas I became a fiancée, started wedding planning, started looking for a house, and was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease Hashimotos Thyroiditis. To say the least, things have been a FULL range of emotions and it’s left me completely exhausted! However, I am recharged and ready to see you guys on a weekly basis again. This year you can expect to see posts covering wedding planning on a budget, my adventures on house hunting, and learning how to cook Autoimmune Protocol approved foods that taste great! Expect lots of new yummy and healthy recipes. My gorgeous engagement ring came from Leigh J Nacht, Inc. It’s a reproduction of a 1910 Edwardian setting. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!! We’ve also already booked our venue. It’s a traditional round Texas dance hall, built back in the 1800s. This specific hall has special meaning to me, as my grandfather, whom passed when I was 16 (but I was extremely close with), attended weekend socials there as a young man. To me, holding our wedding and reception there is an amazing way to remember him on my special day! Even better, my fiance and I met taking dance lessons; so it was important to find a venue with ample amounts of dance space. Two birds, one stone. Next week I will posting my Bridesmaids Proposals; and how you can make your own for less than $5/bridesmaid!Bridesmaid Proposals 1

One thought on “Sorry for Disappearing!

  1. Love your post! I too, have hypothyroid. I’ve learned it’s an individual journey, as there is no one answer to the problem. Glad you’re up and running. Looks like you’re going to have a great year!


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