Holiday Hostess Gift Guide


Tis the season for Holiday parties and traveling to stay with family and friends around the world! Coming up with an original idea for host(ess) gifts can always be a bit tricky. Everyone’s tastes vary so much. No need to fret! I have gathered together my favorite hostess gifts available right now.

1. Yes Way Rose Wine Glasses – That girlfriend you’re always meeting up with for Happy Hour is hosting her annual Christmas party! What could be more appropriate than these adorable glasses, available from Shopbop? And at only $14 a piece, they’re cheap enough to also throw in a bottle of her favorite Rose!

2. Gilded Muse Collection Candle – So you’ll be lodging at your impossibly chic, supermodel cousin’s house for the holdiays. She has everything she could possibly ever want, and her style is impeccable! Don’t worry this beautiful candle collection, from Nordstrom, has you covered. With amazing scents like Grapefruit-Prosecco and Exotic Blossom- Basil, even the hardest to please Hostess will be impressed.

3. Totally Nailed It Manicure Set – Not only will this cute little set work as the perfect Hostess gift for ANYONE, for $10 each, they also make great stocking stuffers!

4. Kate Spade Gift Set –  As the most expensive gift on the list, at $60, this set is perfect for best friends, favorite aunts, that second mom.

5. Reindeer Linen Hand Towel – Perfect for the hostess of that Christmas Cookie Swap, you were invited to, or that friend of yours always posting her homemade creations to Instagram, these darling linens, from Mud Pie, are only $11.25! At that price, you can order for yourself without feeling guilty.

6. Thank You Tray – Okay, so what if you end getting stuck having to stay at that weird spinster great-aunt’s house? You know, the one with 20 cats, and that you know NOTHING about? This cute little ceramic tray, available at Shoptiques, has you covered!

7. Finchberry Soaps – Perfect for ANY hostess these soaps are a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e!!!!! They look like slices of pound cake, come in every color imaginable, smell fantastic, and have an assortment of dried flower or sparkles in them.

8. Secret Box 14K Gold Dipped Earrings –  These earrings are moving SUPER fast! Available in other styles, from Poshmark, these earrings are the perfect last minute hostess gift. All styles are selling out quick, so get a move on.

9. Paddywax Tartan Candles – For the friend that is always burning candles, incense, oils, or whatever; these holiday themed candles smell amazing! Again this is a hot item this season; and is already sold out on the main site. However, you can still snag one on Amazon, if you move quickly!

For anyone local to Houston, you can also find ALL of these items at Bliss Boutique in Sealy, The Heights, or Conroe! None of the items on this list are sponsored; and all thoughts of said items, are entirely my personal opinion. What have been some of your favorite hostess gifts to give or receive? Home


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